We are now offering the convenience of online Activity/Athletic participation clearance through FamilyID.

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Activity/Athletic Participation Clearance for the 2017 – 2018 School Year

All students in the AHS Music Program must receive Activities/Athletics participation clearance. Please have the necessary emergency contacts and health insurance information on hand to fill out the required forms. A parent or guardian and the student must both be present to electronically sign forms.

Important information for Marching Band: All Marching Band students, both new and returning, will also need to print the CIF Athletic Participation Health Form and obtain a sports physical before completing the clearance process. The CIF Athletic Participation Health Form can be found HERE and must be downloaded, printed and completed by a physician before starting the online clearance and registration process. If your Marching Band student has already uploaded a physical for an AHS sport, then that information will already be saved in your FamilyID profile and you do not need to upload it again.

Non-Marching Band: If you have completed the clearance process for an AHS sport, you must still complete the clearance process for the AHS Music Program. If you have already created a FamilyID account, simply login AFTER you select between Marching Band or non-Marching Band ensemble(s) on the FamilyID landing page for AHS Music. You will be prompted to select your music section(s), your Participation Donation amount and your saved information, which will then auto-populate the form.

To begin online activity clearance, click the ‘Register Now’ button above.

Participation Donations

Our goal is to receive voluntary donations of $250 for each student participating in one music class and $400 for each student participating in two or more music classes (including Madrigals). This “fair share” approach is consistent with athletes participating in multiple sports or students participating in other multiple activities at AHS. Please note that “Wind Ensemble/Marching Band” is considered one class. In addition, the requested donation for the AHS Music Program is still significantly less than other local music programs. These donations are tax deductible. Our taxpayer ID No. is 95-3279990.

The Participation Donation Form can be found HERE and payment can be made at the end of the registration process.

The registration process for all music students must be completed by August 23, 2017 which is the first day of school. 

Thank you!